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America's First Certified
Organic Restaurant

Poultry & Dairy

Poultry & Eggs

Our Pekin ducks roam freely and swim in their own pond at Aaron Stoltzfus’ Friendly Farm in Gap, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Zook of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, raises an unusual French breed of chickens, the Red Bro, that run freely outside in the open air. They all enjoy a diet free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones, feeding only on organic grains and spring water.

Our cage-free brown eggs come from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, a co-op of 75 small-scale organic family farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy in Paradise, PA also supplies our organic, cage-free eggs.

Dairy Products

Our dairy products come from two organic co-ops, Organic Valley and Natural by Nature. Roman Stoltzfus is the main producer for Natural by Nature, based in Gap, Pennsylvania. With the help of his wife and eleven children, he produces organic whole and low-fat milk, cream, butter, and ricotta cheese.

Most of our cheeses are supplied by a local distributor of fine domestic cheeses. Our favorite local cheeses come from Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Company, Everona Dairy, FireFly Farms Creamery, Meadow Creek Dairy, Chapel’s Country Creamery, and Keswick Creamery.

Pondini Imports supplies us with organic Parmigiano-Reggiano and other European cheeses, as well as organic olive oil, Carnaroli rice, and white Balsamic vinegar.